Library Services

LAIU is a distance learning institution. As such, its library holdings consist of relevant Internet websites and portal access provided for students. Upon registration students are provided access to the learning platforms utilized for instruction. Students, upon registration, will receive a username and password for access to any one or a number of databases suitable for LAIU programs. Student access will be 24/7.

At certain points in the typical program of instruction students may also access and participate in a forum or video conference hall.

Pearson Learning Management Systems (Course Connect and Open Class), will be utilized including, of course, all the relevant software needed to make it run on a Windows platform. The standard or core packages for Course Connect and Open Class are maintained by core developers and typically updated on a weekly basis.

LAIU has partnered with the leading educational and resource provider services to guarantee the outmost quality and most comprehensive education offered in the online learning environment. Many of LAIU’s courses are developed and delivered by Pearson Higher Ed,, one of the world’s leading international educational publishing and technology companies. Other courses have been developed by our esteemed faculty and are also based on Pearson textbooks.

LAIU students will benefit from our partnership with L.I.R.N, The LIRN® virtual library provides students with millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, e-­books, podcasts, audio, and video resources to support their academic studies. Students will have access to two leading e-­libraries:

ProQuest - A leading provider of data and information for research and academic libraries. It contains a huge archive of texts, articles, essays, periodicals, and other research more than suitable for each course and program offered at LAIU. The open courseware instructional packages are appropriately utilized for instruction in the proposed disciplines or subject areas.

Gale® -­ A company best known for its full-text magazine and newspaper database Gale/InfoTrac Title Lists and other online databases accessible from schools and libraries.

As a final note, instructors working for LAIU are all experienced with online education and will be fully prepared to contribute their own instructional materials to the curriculum

The library resources as described above are more than sufficient to support the instructional needs of anticipated or projected students

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    • LAIU board approves special tuition free offer for March 2015 term.

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    • LAIU is negotiating collaboration with universities in Russia, Latvia, Czechoslovakia and Mexico.

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